Weather in Sonoma California

Springtime In Sonoma County...
From March to June, weather in Sonoma County is about as agreeable as you could ever imagine. The temperature ranges from the low 50's to about 80 degrees in the daytime. At night you can expect it to drop to the 40's in March and April, and to around 50 in May and June.

Sometimes we have a bit of rain in March, and even a little in April. Typically, it's not enough to keep you from enjoying the natural beauty of the area. More often, we have gentle sunny days with a light breeze.

You probably won't need much more than a sweater or light jacket if you visit us in the Springtime.
Summer In Sonoma County....
Summertime, and the livin' is wonderful! Summer in Sonoma is the best of all worlds. Even in July and August, our temperatures rarely hit 100 degrees, and the humidity is moderate. Since we've nearly always got a gentle breeze blowing, you're likely to be comfortable even on the hottest days. Generally, summer temperatures range between 75 and 90 degrees -- at night we cool off to around 60 most of the time. Just cool enough for a light sweater.

It almost never rains in the summer here. Our days are bright and sunny with clear blue skies and a light breeze. If you need to cool off, how about a dip in our beautiful, large pool? And Sonoma County abounds with lakes, rivers, and a convenient nearby ocean. Also, we have air conditioning!
Autumn In Sonoma County....
By late September, our weather is beginning to cool off -- although we usually have quite a good 'Indian Summer'. The usual temperature range in September is high 70's to mid 80's. In October, from 70 to 80. And by November we're mostly in the 70's. Nights cool down into the upper 40's and low 50's, so bring a wrap.

You shouldn't expect much rain in September and October. November varies from year to year, but typically has as much sunshine as cloudy-rainy weather.
Winter In Sonoma County....
Many people say winter is their favorite season here, with temperatures comfortably in the high 40's to around 70 most of the time. We sometimes have a cold snap where the mercury plunges all the way down to about 40 degrees. And once in a while we get a stray summer day with temperatures up around 80! But most of the time, it's cool and breezy.

The nights do get chilly -- we get frost most nights with temperatures right around freezing. And now and then we'll even get a hard freeze when it stays below 32 degrees for a whole day -- but that's unusual. You should bring a warm coat, and maybe your mittens. Of course, our rooms with fireplaces are the perfect antidote for cold winter days.

Winter is our rainy season -- we don't get any snow (it's a short drive to some great ski areas, though). If you visit us in the winter months, bring your umbrella and raincoat. The rain won't stop you from touring around the area, but you should be prepared to keep yourself dry.
All in all, the weather in Sonoma County is probably better than wherever you're coming here from. We love our gentle seasons...and we're betting you will, too!